Beachcroft House, Westminster

A state-of-the-art 84 bedroom care home in the heart of London

About this project.

Beachcroft House is a state-of-the-art 84 bedroom care home, alongside 31 general needs apartments, designed for Westminster City Council. The scheme features two beautifully landscaped secure gardens and a generous, flexible, community space at the heart of the development, with direct access to an external terrace.
Westminster City Council
Main Contractor
Care Home
Who are Westminster City Council
Westminster City Council is the local authority for the City of Westminster in Greater London, England. It is a London borough council and is entitled to be known as a city council, which is a rare distinction in the United Kingdom. The city is divided into 20 wards.
A state-of-the-art 84 bedroom care home in the heart of London
Initial Brief

A project led by Westminster City Council in tandem with PRP Architects and Durkan, Sertus were approached to provide the smoke ventilation system for this Care Home in Central London.

The layout of the building meant a natural system wasn't sufficient and a mechanical system was required. There was also additional queries surrounding the secondary power supply for the life safety systems.


The secondary power supply for Beachcroft House is supplied by a generator. This presented a challenge to ensure that the smoke ventilation system was compatible with the back-up generator.


The Sertus mechanical ecosystem, incorporating the Roof Mechanical Pod, provides the smoke control system and by working closely with the M&E Contractors, we ensured our solution would be compatible with the secondary power supply.

What we used
Networked Controls System - Residential (CNS-R)
Roof Single Leaf - Residential (RSL-R)
Roof Mechanical Pod - Residential | Smoke & Environmental (RMP-R | SE)
Roof Mechanical Pod - Residential | Transition Ductwork (RMP-R | TD)
Shaft Louvre Damper - Residential (SLD-R)
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Potter's Court, Southampton

Sertus commissioned to design and install a smoke control system to protect the occupants of this new Southampton care home.
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