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This bespoke full-day training course is suitable for firefighters of all levels, from operational to command and is adapted to suit the audience.
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About this course.

Following our research into how smoke ventilation systems are used during incidents, we have identified a need for firefighters to be trained in the principles and operation of these life safety systems.

Upon completion of the course, firefighters will have a detailed understanding of what a good smoke ventilation system looks like, how they work and what to do when faced with one during an emergency.

Whilst we have a standard structure, the course content can be modified to suit the skill requirements of your crew.

Course programme.

Course length: 1 Day
The course is comprised of six core sections, broken down as follows:
No Fire Without Smoke
The basic principles of smoke ventilation.
Natural Ventilation Systems
A detailed dive into natural ventilation systems.
Mechanical Ventilation Systems
Exploring the detail of mechanical smoke extract systems.
Pressure Differential Systems
An overview of Pressure Differential Systems, primarily focussing on Pressurisation.
Design, Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance
A high-level overview of the lifecycle of a smoke ventilation system.
Proposed Changes to BS 9991
Highlighting upcoming changes to a key residential fire safety standard.
How to Operate Smoke Ventilation Systems
(Non-core) A practical demonstration of how to operate smoke ventilation systems during an incident.
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