Basement Axial Fan - Residential (BAF-R)

Product features and details.
Product Overview

Basement Axial Fan – Residential (BAF-R) have been designed to operate as part of an underground induction ventilation system. Induction ventilation systems create high-velocity laminar airflows which are designed to overcome issues caused by structural downstands and low ceiling heights found in many underground car parks. They also remove the requirement for ductwork as the high-velocity airflow thrusts the air toward extract points. Removal of ductwork from the design enables a reduced install cost, a safer lighter environment and lower maintenance issues through ducts becoming blocked or damaged.

BAF-R is available in four models from 315mm to 400mm diameter with a range of thrusts from 24N to 83N. This rating is calculated by a mass flow rate multiplied by the fan outlet velocity. They are supplied as a fully commissioned pod complete with isolator switch, attenuators, and ceiling mounting brackets.

Key Features
  • Fully certified to BS EN 12101-3 and independently tested to 300°C for 2 hours
  • Suitable for ambient temperature operation, and once only 2-hour high-temperature smoke conditions up to 400°C
  • Available as unidirectional enabling greater design flexibility
  • Integral bell mouth inlet has a streamlined design for improved performance and sound reduction
  • Robust heavy-duty construction for reliability under challenging conditions
For all information regarding this product please download its datasheet.

Installation instructions.

How to install the BAF-R, by the people who make it.
Mount fanset to ceiling
Complete connections
Commission unit
Get the installation guide.
Reduce ductwork, increase efficiency
These fans provide high-velocity laminar airflow to ensure constant air movement for your basement.
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