Carbon Monoxide Sensor (CBS-R | CMS)

Product features and details.
Product Overview

Carbon Monoxide Sensor (CBS-R | CMS) is a sensitive and robust sensor for basement and car park detection of carbon monoxide levels and provides data for the control of extract fans in environmental ventilation mode.

The CBS-R | CMS is housed in a robust aluminium housing and incorporates a 25mm conduit fitting and incorporates

a 24V plug and socket connection for ease of installation.

Each sensor is numbered and may be installed within a system of up to 32 devices providing a large area coverage. Communication and power are distributed via fire-rated twist pair cables. Output alarms at low and high setpoints enable the extract system to anticipate requirements and run at lower and higher extract rates to ensure CO concentrations remain at a safe level.

Key Features
  • Configurable set points from 0–100ppm
  • Designed to satisfy BS EN 50291:2018 and UL 2034 for self-test function
  • Built-in temperature sensor. Accuracy +/- 3°C over the temperature range 0–70°C
Technical Data

Certification: BS EN 50291:2018 and UL 2034

Voltage: 24V

Sensor Life: 8–10 years

CO Set Points: 0–100ppm

Temperature Range: -40°C to +125°C

Size Guide
Width (mm)Height (mm)Depth (mm)
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Installation instructions.

Mount Panel
Complete Connections
Programme Panel
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Applicable to systems requiring environmental cooling.
Where heat build-up occurs in residential buildings, environmental cooling systems are often required to help bring temperatures under control. The CAS-R | RTS plays a key part in this system.
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