Digital Pressure Sensor (CAS-R | DPS)

Product features and details.
Product Overview

Differential Pressure Sensor (CAS-R | DPS) provide air pressure monitoring for pressurisation and Mechanical Smoke Ventilation Systems (MSVS), enabling rapid pressure control within the stair core to ensure designed pressure differentials are maintained.

They operate automatically and are designed to interface with the Sertus Addressable Smoke Control System and provide control of the fan speed via the Variable Speed Drive (VSD). This prevents over-pressures and under-pressures which can have the effect of excessive door opening forces, and doors slamming. They are often used in MSVS that require the ability to provide a variable rate of extraction, to reflect the different door opening and closing events that occur during a fire.

The CAS-R | DPS uses a solid-state sensor and is simply connected to the Addressable Control Panel (ACP) Master Communication channel for reliable and accurate pressure control.

They may be installed directly to the ACP alone or with the CAS-R | RTS Remote Temperature Sensor as a combined addressable sensor system.

Key Features
  • 0 –100 Pa measurement range
  • IP 65 housing
  • Four wire interface
  • Reliable solid-state sensor
Technical Data
  • Power Supply: 24Vdc ±10%
  • Power consumption: 1VA
  • DP resolution: 0 –100Pa: 0.1% fs
  • Pressure non-linearity: 0 –100Pa: <±1.5% fs
  • Overall accuracy: ±3% fs, 0 – 70°C
  • Long-term stability: 0 –100Pa: Max ±1.5% fs
  • Burst pressure: >5bar (72.5psi)
  • Sensitivity shift over temp: 0 –100Pa: Typ ±1% max ±1.5%, 5 – 55°C / Typ ±1.5% max ±2.25%,0 – 70°C
  • Pressure connections: 6mm ID tubing
  • Housing: Material: ABS (flame retardant type VO)
  • Dimensions: 116 x 106 x 52mm
  • Ambient: Temp: 0– 40°C
  • Protection: Snap shut lid: IP54 IP65 (see installation notes)
Size Guide
Height (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)
For all information regarding this product please download its datasheet.

Installation instructions.

How to install the CAS-R | DPS, by the people who make it.
Mount Panel
Complete Connections
Programme Panel
Prevent pressure build-up in protected zones.
The CAS-R | DPS prevents excess pressure build-up across residential doors in protected zones by regulating fan speeds based on zonal pressure.
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