Fixed Ladder (RAL-R | FL)

Product features and details.
Product Overview

The Sertus Fixed Ladder with or without Cage (RAL-R | FL) are high quality, heavy duty aluminium ladders constructed from aluminium alloy with a GRP top roof-step. They are designed for occasional use in commercial and industrial situations.

They are manufactured bespoke to site requirements for heights of 1.0m to 6.0m and are supplied with aluminium stand-off brackets and stainless steel fixings. Heights above 3.0m are supplied with safety cage and all designs and specifications are in accordance with BS 4211:2005 + Al 2008. Options include retractable bottom sections with automatic hook operation, security gates and hand-up post.

Specific Features

Ladder Specifications:

  • Alloy Class 1 Stiles 73 x 25mm
  • Class 1 Heavy Duty Square Rung
  • Stand-off Brackets from 50 x 10 Alloy Bar
  • Fixings in Stainless Steel
  • All Alloy in Mill Finish
  • Overall Ladder Width: 488mm
  • Clear Stand-off Distance from Wall: 127mm

Cage Specifications:

  • Cages above 2200-3000mm
  • Strap: 50x 10mm alloy bar
  • Fixings: Dome Head Bolts
  • 5 No Straps as BS 4211: 2005

Please Note: In order to comply fully with BS 4211:2005 + A1 2008 any ladder with a climb height of over 2m should be fitted with protection.

For all information regarding this product please download its datasheet.
How to install the RAL-R | FL, by the people who make it.
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Attach cage to ladder
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