Networked Controls System - Residential (CNS-R)

Product features and details.
Product Overview

Networked Control System – Residential (CNS-R) gives you full control of smoke and heat ventilation, and is able to be programmed to provide day to day ventilation.

Available as:

– 5 Amp / 1 fire group and 1 comfort group

– 8 Amp / 1 fire group and 1 comfort group

Smoke vent control panels are designed to provide power and control the operation of the smoke vent opening system for fire and comfort ventilation with 24V DC electrical actuators.

The smoke control panel is equipped with connection terminals for external signals (comfort and fire switched, weather sensor/close all, detectors, etc), and it is also possible to connect more control panel in the same ‘Bus’ connection.

The smoke control panel has a compact design and is certified according to EN 12101-10 Class A (double supply) and EN 12101-9 (draft), including battery back-up.

Key Features

– Certified to BS EN 12101-10

– Visible LED indicators and 72-hour battery backup

– Suitable for fire alarm and BMS integration.

– Can be configured as a standalone or networked system

– Able to control smoke ventilation and provide day to day comfort cooling

– Available with a full range of accessories including, Manual Control Points, Smoke Detectors, Thermostats, and Wind and Rain sensors

Approvals & Conformities

EN 12101-10:2005 approved and certified – Class A (double supply) – envir. Class 1 (to -15°C) Conform to EN 12101-9

Electrical Details

Power supply: 230V AC – max 1.5A

Output supply: 24V DC

Motor outputs: 1 pc. (Line Detection: 1–4 lines)

Max total load: 5A / 8A

Operating temperature: -15°C to +40°C


Fire Groups:

1 pc. with line detection. Max power consumption for fire switches (LED & Buzzer) = 6.6mA = approx. 3 manual control points.

Comfort Groups:

1 pc. – unlimited no. of comfort switches

DIP Switch Features
  • Service hours (LEDs flash in front panel)
  • Comfort opening interval
  • Temperature detection via motor output
  • Extra line detection via 3 wire motor output
  • Fail safe (alarm by line failure)
  • Sprinkler (close by alarm)
  • Bus comm. settings (react on Bus comm.)
  • Potential free contact for comfort open
For all information regarding this product please download its datasheet.

Installation instructions.

Mount Panel
Complete Connections
Programme Panel
Get the installation guide.
Applicable to every situation.
Whether a large tower block or a low-rise building, the CNS-R is capable of full system control in a compact unit size.
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