Shaft Single Leaf - Residential (SSL-R)

Product features and details.
Product Overview

Sertus Shaft Single Leaf – Residential (SSL-R) is a discreet, high-quality smoke vent, fully certified to BS EN 12101-2 and tested to EN 1634-1 and EN 1634-3 It is designed for installation into smoke shafts in lobbies and corridors within residential and commercial developments to ensure clear escape routes in the event of a fire.

They may be installed vertically into a variety of wall structures and open to 90° in under 60 seconds to provide 1.0m2 free area for use in natural smoke shaft applications. Their fully welded beaded frame design ensures that a flush unobtrusive finish is created. They are supplied powder coated to RAL 9010 White as standard and may be painted or coated to any wall finish on site.

Key Features
  • Fully certified to BS EN 12101-2:2003
  • Fire-rated to EN 1634-1 - 60 minutes
  • Air Leakage tested to EN 1634-3 – Positive and Negative Pressure
  • Standard size of 1000 x 1500mm to meet 1.0m2 free area–Opens to 90° in under 60 seconds
  • Operated by 24V DC actuators drive open/drive closed
  • Flush mounted design for unobtrusive finish
  • Robust fully welded four-sided frame construction
  • Excellent sound reduction – 36dB RW
Actuator data
  • Voltage: 24V DC
  • Pushing/pulling force: 500N
  • Stroke length: 1000mm
  • Locking pressure: 2000N
  • Operational temperature: -5°C to +55°C
  • Speed - Fire: 17mm/sec
  • Speed - Comfort: 10mm/sec
Classification according to BS EN 12101-2
  • Low Ambient Temperature: T(-05)
  • Reliability – Fire: RE1000
  • Reliability – Comfort: RE10000
  • Resistance to Heat: B300
  • Reaction to Fire: E

The door requires a depth of at least 790mm to open correctly – the shaft should be a minimum depth of 850mm.


230V AC Actuators for systems requiring 230V activation. Fall arrest cages removing the requirement for installation of grids at floor levels.

Size Guide
Structural Opening (mm)Overall Frame Size (mm)Overall Door Size (mm)
1000 (W) x 1500 (H)990 (W) x 1490 (H)763 (W) x 1440 (H)
Two Minute Tuesday
What is Natural Smoke Ventilation?
3 mins
For all information regarding this product please download its datasheet.

Installation instructions

Form aperture
Mount modular vent
Complete connections
Get the installation guide.
Applicable to natural shaft projects
This product is perfectly suited to natural ventilation systems - explore our projects featuring the SSL-R.
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