We’ll take care of the site work.

Whether you want high-level supervisory support or boots on the ground throughout the project, we have a package for you.

Let us handle the deliveries.

Our deliveries are always pre-booked with your site team. For a small fee, we can attend site to make sure your goods got there safely, make sure they’re offloaded ok and stored correctly.

Wherever possible, we use FORS accredited transport for your deliveries to make sure a Sertus delivery is a safe delivery.

What site support do Sertus offer?
There’s no one-size-fits-all here. Different clients like different levels of support, so we’ve put together three key packages.
Site support

A selected Sertus Approved Partner will make sure that everything is running smoothly on site, receive deliveries, and provide design and construction assistance.

Final connections

As well as site support, a final connections package will see Sertus Approved Partner electricians attend site and carry out the final connections to your smoke ventilation equipment.

Full installation

If you’d rather leave it to someone else, that’s fine too. Our network of Sertus Approved Partners can manage the whole smoke ventilation install from start to finish.

It's all been done before.
Our project delivery partners have a long list of successful handovers, giving you confidence in a team you can rely on.

You need a survey? Got you covered.

Our team are available to carry out surveys both prior to and during project works. If you need a survey, let us know using our live chat or the button below and we’ll get it booked in.

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