We design products and systems.

Not only do we design our own products, we also design complete smoke ventilation systems for your project.

If we need a solution, we create one.

Some things just don't exist in the world, so we have a design team who work tirelessly to create groundbreaking products, such as our market-leading Addressable Control System (CAS-R).

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Our project design services.
Whilst we design our products, we also design smoke ventilation systems - here's what we do:
System design

We can design smoke control systems from scratch, or work on your existing plans. With in-house fire engineers and fire risk assessors, we give you peace of mind that your scheme is compliant.

Specification packs

Smoke ventilation can be a minefield. To help guide you across it, we'll provide you with comprehensive specification packs that will make sure no detail is forgotten.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

If you have a mechanical system, you'll need a Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis. Thanks to our in-house fire engineers, we can produce these for you.

Would you like help with your scheme?

We believe that making sure your system is compliant is all part of being good citizens. We don't charge for working on your designs, giving you advice and making recommendations. You've got nothing to lose, so if you need help, go ahead and get in touch!

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Examples of schemes we've designed.
We've helped architects and contractors working on wide spectrum of buildings ensure that their designs are compliant yet cost-effective. Take a look at some of our work!
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