Why Sertus

We create smoke ventilation systems.

Our work saves lives. We take it very seriously but we're down to earth, too.

Safety is our first priority.

It’s important to tell you that we’ll always uphold fire safety standards, even if that means we don’t win the job. Whilst we’ll seek to educate and advise, we will never work on a project if unsafe fire safety practices are used. That’s why you can trust us to deliver a no-shortcuts, compliant system.

Our fantastic team.
A bit about the company.
Where we came from

As we were founded in January 2019, we might sound quite youthful. However, we’ve been around for a while!

Sertus was part of the Whitesales Group, a construction supplies company founded in the mid-1980s by Michael White.

During the 2000s, we saw an opportunity to broaden the range of products that we sold to our clients and to help drive positive change in the smoke ventilation area of fire safety.

We're now an independent company, wholly focussed on smoke ventilation.

Michael White formed Whitesales, a company selling daylight solutions to the construction industry.
Whitesales become the first company in the UK to receive CE certification for smoke vents.
Sertus is formed as a standalone smoke ventilation company to better serve the industry.
Our Core Values.
These aren't just words - everything we do is guided by these values.
Innovative - Find a better way
Find a better way
Energetic - React faster
React faster
Integrous - Do the right thing
Do the right thing
Accountable - Design responsibly
Design responsibly
Charitable - Give everyone a chance
Give everyone a chance
Impassioned - Create an extraordinary culture
Create an extraordinary culture

For more information visit our CSR page.

Trusted by the industry.

We're proud to work with a broad spectrum of industry leaders to improve the standards of smoke ventilation.

Our culture.

Our impassioned team have created an extraordinary culture - here’s a little look at our 2020 kick-off.
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It has been a refreshing change dealing with you guys. Thanks to you and your team for pulling the rabbit out the hat.
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Some of our work.
We work on a diverse range of projects including residential, student accommodation, hotels and commercial buildings.
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