What we do

We manufacture smoke ventilation products.

Our passion is making buildings safe and making people feel safe.

Trusted by the industry.

We're proud to work with a broad spectrum of industry leaders to improve the standards of smoke ventilation.

Life-safety is our first priority.

There are no circumstances in which it is acceptable to take risks with people’s lives. We remain committed to only ever supplying products and systems which meet or exceed regulation. A Sertus system is a safe system.

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What do Sertus offer?

Design Support

We’ll assist you with specifying the correct products for your project and point out pitfalls to avoid. Our team are also able to point you in the right direction on legislation, guidance and certification.


We manufacture all of our own products and assemble them offsite in our factory, pre-wired, pre-tested and ready for site commissioning. Where appropriate, all products are certified to BS EN 12101.

Stock & Service

With large stocks, big size ranges and fast lead times, our goal is to give all smoke control contractors a friendly, consistent, reliable supply for all their smoke ventilation projects.

Our Systems

There are four key systems used in smoke control - learn more about each of them and find the one best suited to your project.


These systems rely on the natural properties of smoke to carry it out of the building.

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Also known as MSVS or smoke extract systems, these rely on fan sets to exhaust smoke.

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A type of Pressure Differential System, these pressurise areas to protect them from smoke.

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Mechanical, natural or hybrid, these provide smoke and environmental ventilation.

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Get all the information you need from our resource center.
From BIM models to wiring diagrams, video tutorials to whitepapers, if there’s something to know about smoke control, it’ll be in our resources centre.
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Our products live on all sorts of buildings including residential, student accommodation, hotels and commercial buildings.
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