How to beat the need for an extended smoke shaft

By Sam Gocher
Tuesday 19th September, 20231 minute to read

Hello and welcome to another blog from Sertus. This is an extremely quick blog to offer you a quick tip on Natural Smoke Ventilation Systems.

Guidance states that a natural smoke shaft must 2.5 metres above the ceiling of the highest floor that it serves. And because of this, some of these smoke shafts can look quite unattractive on roofs, if they’re sticking out quite high…

In order to avoid this sort of issue, we can use the shaft to serve all the floors apart from that top floor, and we can vent that top floor separately, for example through a roof vent of 1.5 square metres. What this means is that the 2.5 metres, which is there to allow sufficient draw for the shaft, is actually provided between the penultimate floor and the top floor.

So with this, you get a much simpler shaft construction and you don’t have to have that protrusion above your building which planners tend to dislike quite considerably.

Sertus have many top range roof vents which will help you combat these issues, please do visit our product page here.

Like we said, just a very quick tip today, and we’ll be back with more blogs very soon! If you have any questions or queries, please do contact us.

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