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Car Park Ventilation Systems

What they are, how they work and where you can use them.
How car park systems work.
Stage 1
A signal is received from the fire alarm system. All environmental systems are shut down to prevent contamination.
Stage 2
A short delay is programmed to prevent early smoke circulation and descent of the smoke layer.
Stage 3
The mechanical extract pod fires up and begins extracting smoke from the fire zone, drawing fresh air through the inlet.

Systems will vary depending on building layout.

Where you can use them.
There are two main types of car park system; which one is best depends on the layout of your building.
Deep basements

If permanent ventilation is not possible due to the depth of the car park, it would be best to go with a mechanical system.

Environmental control

If you require control of toxic gases produced from the cars, you’ll need a mechanical system.

Very large car parks

If you can’t achieve the required 1/40th area permanent ventilation (at least 1/160th on the opposite side), you will need to use a mechanical smoke ventilation system.

Technical Specifications
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Technical Specs
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