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Mechanical Smoke Ventilation Systems

What they are, how they work and where you can use them.
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How extract systems work.
Stage 1
A signal is received from the fire alarm system.
Stage 2
Head of stair vent and shaft dampers on the floor of origin open. Dampers on all other floors remain shut
Stage 3
The mechanical extract pod fires up and begins extracting smoke from the protected zone, drawing fresh air down the stair core.

Systems will vary depending on building layout.

Where you can use them.
Mechanical systems are perfectly suited to some buildings, here’s why:
Very tall buildings

Where a building is so tall that there’s a risk of smoke-logging, rendering a natural system ineffective, a mechanical system can be considered.

Extended corridors

If your building has extended corridors, you’ll need a mechanical system.

You’re tight for space

Mechanical systems can perform with much smaller shaft sizes, typically between 0.6m2 and 0.8m2.

Products used in mechanical systems
Sertus Pod Micro
Sertus Pod Mini
Sertus Pod Original
Sertus Pod Max
Sertus Pod Mini Vertical
Sertus Pod Original Vertical
Sertus Pod Max Vertical
Shaft Louvre Damper - Residential (SLD-R)
Roof Louvre Blade - Residential (RLB-R)
Roof Louvre Blade - Residential Glass (RLB-RG)
Examples of our mechanical projects.
Take a look at some case studies to learn how mechanical systems work in practice.
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