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By Sam Gocher
Thursday 16th February, 20233 minute to read

In this blog we’re going to be taking you through our FSL-R, otherwise known as the Facade Single Leaf - Residential.

If you want an aesthetically pleasing look for your building, you’ve come to the right blog. The FSL-R replaces windows like for like in your building and wouldn’t look out of place with other windows which remain as part of the building.

This FSL-R can also be supplied with a marine grade powder coating finish to provide resistance against salt spray & general weather. This makes the product extremely durable in any weather condition.

Like any good window it also has great thermal properties. It comes equipped with a thermally broken frame. It also has a resin break in it which stops the transmission of cold air, along with a variety of choices of double & triple glazed options.

Not only does it replicate a window in appearance, but it can also be opened and used as a comfort for day-to-day ventilation. In addition to this, what our contractor customers love is that the FSL-R can be used in both natural and mechanical smoke ventilation systems as an inlet for makeup air.

The FSL-R can also fit into a glazing system or structural opening. It’s also important to note that this product is great for use as part of a refurbishment project. This is due to it being available in any dimension. It can be entirely bespoke to meet any aperture size.

The FSL-R is tested and certified to BS EN 12101-2. It also has double glazed glass as standard, with the option to upgrade to triple glazing. Sertus use a high quality glazing specification which results in a toughened inner and laminate outer safety glass.

Your future unit will come with a thermally broken sill detail equipped with end caps to support installation into structural openings. And when choosing your facade window, careful consideration needs to be made in conjunction with Approved Document K, to make sure necessary fall arrest requirements are fulfilled.

This product is a bottom hung window for smoke clearance, helping to mitigate negative discharge. A quick overview of this - negative discharge is where the angle of a smoke vent can result in wind pushing extracted smoke back into a building. So, if our FSL-R opened up with side hinges and wind, travelling alongside the building, hit the product, negative discharge would occur. But with our product being bottom hung, this is much less likely to happen.

Depending on the ratio of width by height to meet the desired free area, the units will come with either a pre-installed chain drive actuator or spindle drive actuators, which will determine the opening angle. This basically means that if you need to open the FSL-R further than is standard, you can do so with the spindles.

If you have any questions regarding this topic, please don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to our friendly team who will be happy to talk you through the options available. If you’d like to continue learning about smoke ventilation, you’ll find some helpful resources on our blog and YouTube channel.

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