Need facade ventilation? Look no further!

By Sam Gocher
Thursday 2nd February, 20235 minute to read

In this blog, we’ll be taking you through the Sertus FLB-R.

Application Considerations

To give you a quick overview of the product - it's mounted in facades and at the end of corridors. Facade Louvre Blade - Residential products are smoke vents which exhaust smoke and heat from a building in the event of a fire, allowing escape routes to be kept clear of smoke.

This product is great in refurbishment projects as it’s available in any dimension due to it being tailored to meet any aperture size you may desire. The product can also fit into a glazing system or structural opening.

One of the best safety features that our contractor customers love about this product, is that they come fitted with an anti-trapping actuator, which protects from injury and offers a high resistance to weather. This means no trapped fingers, as if working in potentially rough weather conditions wasn’t tough enough!

Another great thing about the FLB-R is its versatility. It can be used in both natural and mechanical smoke ventilation systems. This means it can be used as extract and also as an inlet for makeup air.

This product has extremely strong thermal properties due to the addition of the FLB-R having a thermally broken frame and a resin break which stops the transmission of cold air.

If you’re worried about the aesthetic in comparison to the facade of your building, there’s no need to be. This product can be supplied with a marine grade powder coating finish. This provides resistance against salt spray and general poor weather conditions, making the finish highly durable.

If your project requires extremely large dimensions for the windows, we here at Sertus have the ability to split your product into two sections to facilitate ease of handling and installation on site.

FLB-R Performance

Our FLB-R is tested and certified to BS EN 12101-2. Not just that, but the unit is also impact resistant and has passed barrier load tests.

The FLB-R has double glazed glass as standard which is laminated on the outside. At Sertus we use a high quality glazing specification which is a laminated inner and outer safety glass. As a quick tip, when choosing your glazing specification we would recommend that careful attention is applied due to the fact that some systems use float glazing which is dangerous when broken. This is dangerous due to the fact that shards could fall causing serious injury if it was leaned against, or even something as little as birds flying into it.

There are three different glazing options. One is the standard float, one is toughened, which is unlikely to break in most scenarios, but if it does, only small fragments of glass will shower down. Then there’s laminated glazing, which we use in our products here at Sertus. This acts the same way as a car windscreen would if it were to be broken - it’s a very safe and secure option to choose.

This unit comes with a thermally broken sill detail which is equipped with end caps to support installation into structural openings. And when choosing your face louvre, careful consideration needs to be made in conjunction with Approved Document K to make sure necessary fall arrest requirements are required.

Finally, for increased thermal performance, a triple glazed version of this product is available, just chat with our friendly team and they’ll give you all the details!

If you have any questions regarding this topic, please don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to our friendly team who will be happy to talk you through the options available. If you’d like to continue learning about smoke ventilation, you’ll find some helpful resources on our blog and YouTube channel.

Need façade ventilation? Look no further!

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