RLB-R: Everything you need to know about our louvred AOV!

By Sam Gocher
Wednesday 7th December, 20225 minute to read

This blog is going to tell you all about the Sertus RLB-R, or Roof Louvre Blade – Residential. Is it the best louvred smoke vent on the market? That’s for you decide, but let us tell you what we think is so great about it in three sections…

Application & Considerations:

Before we go through some of the RLB-R’s top features, we’ll give you a quick overview of its primary function. These units are mounted on roofs and exhaust smoke and heat from a building, allowing low level escape routes to be kept clear of smoke. They don’t just need to be used for extract though, but can also be used for the inlet of fresh air. They’re also available for integration with either natural or mechanical smoke ventilation systems.

This product has a very similar function to our RSL-R, which we’ve created some videos on recently. What makes these units so effective, and may sway you when trying to decide between an RLB-R and an RSL-R, is that due to there being many blades instead of just one large leaf, they consume minimal energy during the opening process and have a high resistance to tough weather conditions – meaning they’re very well suited for high wind areas. Not just that but because they’re more suited to strong weather conditions, they’re much less likely to suffer any form of damage.

Because every project is different, Sertus have made sure there’s a huge range of sizes frequently available for the RLB-R, along with the potential to have a bespoke flashing detail to suit varying site applications. On top of that, these units can be powder coated to match the aesthetic of the roof it’s attached to. You’re also not limited to just one blade material on this product – we’re able to work around your requirements.

If you’d like to learn anything more about what we’ve touched on so far, please do feel free to give our friendly team a call. Or, if you’d rather, check out the live chat function.

We know installing products like this can be a huge job, but in an attempt to put you at ease with the RLB-R, one benefit of installing it is that due to its design, there’s a much lower likelihood of any sort of injury occurrence, due to the louvred blades having rather small gaps. So basically, you won’t be slipping through it any time soon.

Also, it comes equipped with lifting eyes to reduce the need for manual handling on-site, which isn’t just helpful in general but will also vastly increase the speed of your installation. This method also poses less risk of damage to the unit and human injury.

Specification & Performance:

It’s important to say that this product works with a wide range of control systems thanks to the low ampage draw, with Sertus also supplying the product complete with motor end switches, meaning you’ll be able to feed back to your control systems and/or the BMS, which means Building Management System, whether the vent is open or closed.

While the motor end switches will come to you as standard, there’s also an option to include a manual access hatch facility under the AOV louvres. We find this is quite a popular choice for contractors as it’s an easy double-up and will save you needing to put an access hatch in also. It’s basically just a useful add-on and offers that extra bit of access to the roof of the building you’re working on.

Our RLB-Rs come fully equipped with pre-installed wind deflectors on all four sides, speeding up your installation speed on site and reducing the time spent working at height. This is to make sure to stop the occurrence of negative discharge. Now, in case you aren’t sure what negative discharge is, in short, negative discharge is when natural air pressure on the outside of a building pushes smoke back down a vent in the event of a fire – and our wind deflectors fight against this. The deflectors also increase the aerodynamic efficiency of the unit, meaning you’ll need less of them due to the units performing better. These can also be installed in any orientation to meet your bespoke project needs. If you’d like to find out some more about negative discharge we actually have a video dedicated to explaining this.

Service Notes:

We should let you know how easy it is to find the extra info you need for the RLB-R. You:

– Visit sertus.uk
– Hover over products and services
– Select Solid Louvred Vent
– Scroll down to the downloads section

You’ll find plenty of info – be it the Technical Data Sheet, Declaration of Performance, Installation Guide, BIM Model and more! If you need any further help then please do visit our Contact Us page!

Sertus RLB-Rs are available in three core sizes, suiting the majority shaft of applications. They’re available for delivery within just 3–7 working days so you can crack on with your project ASAP.

They also come with installation instructions and fixing kits for the sake of your ease. If you do have any trouble on site we are able to help where necessary, as ever, we’re just a phone call away.

If you have any questions regarding this topic, please don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to our friendly team who will be happy to talk you through the options available. If you’d like to continue learning about smoke ventilation, you’ll find some helpful resources on our blog and YouTube channel.

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