SLD-R: Use this damper in YOUR smoke shaft!

By Sam Gocher
Friday 23rd December, 20225 minute to read

In this blog Sertus will tell you about our SLD-R, or, Shaft Louvre Damper - Residential.

Application & Considerations:

They’re multi zone smoke control dampers and were designed with mechanical smoke ventilation systems in mind, however they’re also perfectly compatible with use in pressurisation systems. They’re typically installed into smoke shafts to provide smoke ventilation to protected areas, and in some instances, day-to-day ventilation. These dampers can also be fitted to ductwork systems in both residential and commercial buildings. So, it may have the word ‘residential’ in its name, but these dampers also fit many commercial applications as well.

Your future SLD-R is fully tested and certified to BS EN 12101-8 to meet regulatory requirements, as imposed by BS 9991 and the SCA Guide! So if you’re a contractor with the IFC SDI 19 accreditation and/or you’re a member of the SCA association, then this is most definitely the damper for you.

Getting onto some of our contractor customers’ favourite elements of the SLD-R - let’s start with the fact that it’s suitable for smoke control and compartmentation in your multi-zone mechanical smoke ventilation system.

The product will also come to you with a MES flange, meaning that the unit can be installed directly to ductwork, saving you extra costs where we can. It’s also powered by a Belimo motor which is complete with end switches for determination of damper position monitoring. This means information can feed back to your BMS or control system whether the damper is open or closed.

The product has passed reliability tests according to RE 1000 for use as a dual purpose damper. In case you were wondering, dual purpose means it’s useful for both comfort and smoke. Smoke is the obvious, and comfort is general day-to-day ventilation.

Specification & Performance:

A bit of jargon is coming your way now but it’s important to note that the SLD-R has passed the EN 1366-10 reliability test according to RE 1000, for use as a dual purpose damper. This basically means the damper has been tested by opening it and closing it 10,000 times for the purposes of comfort, then a further 1000 times for full fire cycles. A huge factor for us, and one that our contracting customers love, is that the damper has full E, I & S certification for integrity, insulation and smoke leakage.

We’ve made sure to test the product in a flexible wall which is constructed from metal stud and plasterboard, which means it can also be used in a solid wall, a little like being able to drive both manual and automatic with a full driver’s licence… In case you weren’t sure, if you only test in a solid wall you’d then be unable to install your product into a flexible wall.

The SLD-R has also been tested in both directions to 120 minutes, meaning it’s been tested with both the front and the back of the damper facing fire. This confirms that the damper is secure from within the shaft as well, which means there won’t be any fire or products of combustion leaking onto other floors from within the smoke shaft. Your damper will also be airtight due to the fact that the blades are constructed from fireboard with seals.

Your SLD-R will be equipped with a Belimo motor as standard and the dampers come with a 24 volt AC & DC which has a power of 0.3amp, meaning you can control multiple dampers from one control panel.

The SLD-R is a power open / power close damper, which basically makes it a smoke control damper, officially. Power open & power close means there’s voltage travelling in one direction to drive it open and it then closes by reversing the polarity.

If purchased, your damper will come with a pack which includes fixings for both solid and flexible walls along with pyrocoustic mastic to seal behind the flange. Our contractor customers find this a helpful add-on as you won’t need to source your own fixings - the fixings we supply are the ones which were tested with your future damper.

Service Notes:

It’s really easy to access all the extra info you need on our website. So, head to, hover over products & services, click smoke control damper and scroll down where you’ll find all the info you could possibly need.

Remember as always if you have any further questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

A few final points now - the grille comes with a hinged door panel, meaning that access to the motor is easily gained for servicing & maintenance requirements.

We have four stock units which meet flow rates of between 2.4-9.6m3/s, while maintaining tenable conditions.

There’s an additional 101 sizes available with an active area range that has a minimum width of 400mm to a maximum of 800. There’s also a minimum height of 200mm, with the maximum being 1200 mm.

Finally, it’s just a 3-7 working day wait for delivery and it comes with fixing packs as standard.

If you have any questions regarding this topic, please don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to our friendly team who will be happy to talk you through the options available. If you’d like to continue learning about smoke ventilation, you’ll find some helpful resources on our blog and YouTube channel.

Use this damper in YOUR smoke shaft!

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