Mechanical Smoke Ventilation CPD

An in-depth study of mechanical smoke ventilation systems (MSVS), covering their design, control and certification.
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About this CPD.

If you've attended our No Fire Without Smoke CPD or you're familiar with the principles of smoke ventilation, then this CPD is the right level for you.

This is a detailed look into the principles of mechanical smoke control. If you're a designer or an architect, this CPD will help you with system design. If you're a firefighter, you'll learn how the systems are designed to help you and how to operate them.

Course programme.

Course length: 60 Minutes
The CPD is comprised of seven sections, broken down as follows:
Introduction to Smoke Control
Why we need smoke control in the built environment
The Basic Principles of MSVS
How mechanical systems work
Buildings That Require MSVS
An overview of requirements in different buildings
How to Design a MSVS
Regulation, guidance and certification
How CFDs are used in mechanical systems
Mechanical Smoke Control System
Addressable control systems and how they operate
Sertus Case Study
An example of a recently completed project
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