Natural Smoke Ventilation CPD

This CPD is a detailed dive into natural smoke ventilation systems with topics ranging from legislation to control systems.
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About this CPD.

The CPD begins with a reminder of why smoke control is important, before then engaging in the specifics of natural smoke ventilation, including the physics of how it works, the buildings to which it applies and design best-practise.

Finally, the CPD covers off which control systems and accessories are best suited to natural systems and provides examples in the form of case studies.

Course programme.

Course length: 45 Minutes
The CPD is comprised of six sections, broken down as follows:
Introduction to Smoke Control
Why we need smoke control in the built environment
The Basic Principles of Natural Smoke Ventilation
Covering expansion, buoyancy, restrictions and more.
Buildings That Require Natural Smoke Ventilation
An overview of requirements in different building types.
How to Design a Natural System
Guidance, standards, legislation and what you need to be aware of.
Natural Smoke Ventilation Control Systems
Which ones to use, how they operate, and key components.
Sertus Case Studies
A few examples of how the theory fits into real buildings
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