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Pod Calculator Tool.

With our Pod™ calculator you can get an informed recommendation on what fan set you’ll require based on the information you provide.

Bear in mind we are only capable of providing a rough estimate this way. For a more concrete estimate consult a Sertus specialist.

Which Pod™ is right for you?

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What does the tool do?

This tool will calculate which Sertus Roof Mechanical Pod™ is best suited for your mechanical smoke ventilation system.

What info will I need?

To use this tool, you’ll need some building information like shaft dimensions, number of storeys, etc. If you’ve not got much detail to hand, you may still be able to use our simple calculator.

What do I get?

When you get to the end, you’ll be recommended a critical extract rate, an appropriate fan size, and the best-suited Sertus Roof Mechanical Pod™. You’ll also get the relevant BIM and CAD models. You can also submit a request for space planning to assist with locating the equipment.

Is this the final word?

No. Online calculators (even a really cool one like this 😉) are no replacement for real-life, fully qualified fire engineers. We always recommend your design and specification is checked by a suitably qualified person - if you need help finding that person, we’re happy to help.

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Please note: while our Pod Calculator is a great tool, it's absolutely crucial that you get a CFD completed for your project.

We hope you love our calculator tool, but it can never replace the role of CFD. You'll still need to get your project checked over by a fire engineer.

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