Can you use an AOV as an access hatch?

By Sam Gocher
Thursday 16th March, 20232 minute to read

One of the main FAQs we get at Sertus is: Can I use an AOV as an access hatch? This short blog will explain things for you.

Before we dive in and tell you the answer straight away, it's important to draw your attention to a product which may help you with this issue. This is the Sertus Roof Access Hatch - Residential. We have some videos on this product, so if you’re interested in finding out some more, click here.

If it's AOVs you’re after, have a look at our Products page where you can see a wide array of Sertus products.

But now, can you use an AOV as an access hatch? Well, it’s a great solution for if you’re tight for space on the roof of your project. But there are some considerations you’ll need to be aware of.

The main consideration is, it’s a genuine possibility that someone could get stranded on the roof in the event of the smoke ventilation system resetting. With this in mind, you’ll need to add an access key switch to the smoke ventilation control system to allow the access hatch to open. This can either be internal, or ideally, both internally and externally.

Generally it’s good practice to keep life safety systems for the function they were designed for, rather than integrating them with other systems, such as access systems. However, it is possible and common to provide access with roof vents. Although, it’s a good idea to ensure that the vent you’re using for access has been tested with the motor offset. It’s very easy to offset a motor, but make sure the product has been tested in that manner. This is because you don’t want to do anything that would void the declaration of performance.

Hopefully that’s cleared up your question, and as always, if there’s anything our friendly team can do to help, please do give us a call or a live chat!

Can you use an AOV as an access hatch? *2023 UPDATE*

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