Roof Access Hatch – Residential (RAH-R)

Product features and details.
Roof Access Hatch (RAH-R) Description

The Sertus Roof Access Hatch – Residential (RAH-R) allows direct, safe and easy access to flat roofs for maintenance or as part of a fire escape route.

The RAH-R is a modular roof hatch, fully certified to EN1873, designed for new-build or refurbishments of residential and commercial schemes.

The RAH-R can be controlled with telescopic gas or friction struts, electrically, and as part of smoke ventilation systems. It can be specified with polycarbonate glazing to maximise natural light.

Specific Features
  • Available in a wide range of sizes (for larger sizes see our RAH-C range)
  • Safe, direct access to roofs – no external stairways or ladders needed
  • Can be integrated into fire escape and smoke ventilation systems
  • Manually or electrically opening
  • Accessories include ladders, ladder posts and handrails
  • Polycarbonate glazing certified to BS EN 1873 
  • Fire rated to EN13501-1
Thermal transmission

Double Glazed Polycarbonate: 2.68

Triple Glazed Polycarbonate: 1.78

Quad Glazed Polycarbonate: 1.37

Solid insulated cover 40mm: 0.80

Upstand PVC 150mm ECO Splayed: 0.90

Upstand PVC 150mm ECO Vertical: 1.00

Upstand PVC 300mm ECO Splayed: 1.00

Fire rating

Internal: B-s3, d0, EN13501-1

External: BROOF (t4), EN13501-1

Service Temperature: -50°C to + 120°C

Air tightness

Air permeability to EN1873: A4

Sound reduction

28 dB

Certification detail
  • Watertightness to EN1873: Pass
  • Impact Test to EN1873: 1200J
  • Impact Test to ACR (M) 001:2005: Class B
Size Guide
ModelRoof Opening Size (mm) (150mm vertical upstand or collar)Roof Opening Size (mm) (150mm or 300mm splayed upstand)
RAH-R.60.60600 x 600800 x 800
RAH-R.70.70700 x 700900 x 900
RAH-R.75.75750 x 750950 x 950
RAH-R.80.80800 x 8001000 x 1000
RAH-R.90.90900 x 9001100 x 1100
RAH-R.100.1001000 x 10001200 x 1200
RAH-R.105.1051250 x 1250 (150mm splayed only)
RAH-R.40.70400 x 700600 x 900
RAH-R.40.100400 x 1000600 x 1200
RAH-R.50.80500 x 800700 x 1000
RAH-R.50.110500 x 1100700 x 1300
RAH-R.60.90600 x 900800 x 1100
RAH-R.60.120600 x 1200800 x 1400
RAH-R.70.100700 x 1000900 x 1200
RAH-R.70.130700 x 1300900 x 1500
RAH-R.70.160700 x 1600900 x 1800
RAH-R.80.110800 x 11001000 x 1300
RAH-R.80.130800 x 13001000 x 1500
RAH-R.90.120900 x 12001100 x 1300
Product Video
Your future access hatch!
2.5 mins
How the RAH-R performs
2 mins
For all information regarding this product please download its datasheet.

Installation Instructions

How to install the RAH-R, by the people who make it.
Form upstand
Mount hatch
Complete connections
Get the installation guide.
Access, everywhere.
Roof access hatches are used on all types of buildings see some of our examples below:
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