RLB-RG - Why you should consider this roof vent for YOUR project!

By Sam Gocher
Wednesday 18th January, 20235 minute to read

In this blog, we’ll be taking you through the Sertus RLB-RG. You may be familiar with our RLB-R, which is a very similar product, just with solid rather than glass louvre blades. If you’d like to take a look back at our RLB-R videos, take a look on our YouTube channel. But for now, let’s get into the Roof Louvre Blade - Residential Glass.

Application Considerations

So, why would you want an RLB-RG over an RLB-R? Look out for the mention of the RLB-RG’s U-Value later on in the blog. Similarly to the RLB-R, the RLB-RG is a secure unit, which is very safe when working with on a roof due to the strong louvred blades preventing any accidents, such as falling through the hatch.

One of the main reasons our contractor customers go for the RLB-RG is due to the louvred blade design resulting in extremely low wind resistance. The design of these blades means that negative discharge isn’t an issue due to the wind being able to sail nicely over the vent instead of hitting a unit at a 90 degree angle, which would end up with smoke being pushed back down into a building in the event of a fire. This also means that the product is hugely suitable for high rise buildings, due to the odds of wind damage being minimal.

Sertus offer you the chance to have your RLB-RG powder coated to match the aesthetic of the roof you’re working on. We also offer a bespoke flashing detail to suit site applications. So basically, whatever works best, we’re happy to work around you as the contractor.

Once you’ve put the order in and the delivery day comes, have no fear as the RLB-RG comes equipped with lifting eyes in order to reduce the need for manual handling on-site and also increases the speed of installation. Another point to make, which can sometimes be overlooked in this scenario, is that this lifting technique also poses less risk of damage to the unit and also the installer.

The RLB-RG can be used for both extract and inlet. Not just that, but they’re also compliant with both natural and mechanical smoke ventilation systems. The glass louvred blades on the product have an enhanced U Value, supporting stringent building performance criterias.

Performance & Specification

The way this product is effective against negative discharge isn’t just the shape of the blades but also because there are wind deflectors on all four sides. These increase the aerodynamic efficiency of the unit, meaning you’ll need less of them as it makes the unit perform better.

Speaking of the blades - if you purchase the RLB-RG, it comes with double glazed glass blades as standard, along with an insulating base. This mitigates the risk of condensation in tough weather conditions.

The units are powered by a 24 volt DC 1 amp motor in order to work with a wide range of control systems and can be installed in any orientation to suit your project’s needs.

One of our contractor customers’ favourite add-ons to the RLB-RG is that, if necessary, you can choose to include a manual access hatch facility. This is an easy to use, nifty addition which may well take your fancy.

The RLB-RG is supplied as standard with motor end switches - meaning you can feed back to a BMS whether the vent is open or closed.

Service Notes

To find all the information for this product, click here and scroll down to the downloads section, where you'll find the technical data sheet, installation guide, BIM and more.

If you have any questions regarding this topic, please don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to our friendly team who will be happy to talk you through the options available. If you’d like to continue learning about smoke ventilation, you’ll find some helpful resources on our blog and YouTube channel.

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