Roof Louvre Blade - Residential (RLB-R)

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Roof Louvre Blade (RLB-R) Description

Roof Louvre Blade – Residential (RLB-R) louvre smoke vent and air supply units are used in natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems. Mounted on roofs, louvre smoke vents exhaust smoke and heat from a building, allowing low level escape routes to be kept clear of smoke. RLB-R are fully certified to BS EN 12101-2. They are particularly suited to residential and institutional buildings and may also provide natural comfort ventilation.

They are available in a wide range of sizes and types of upstands. They may be installed at any angle from 0 to 90°, but are generally installed horizontally and supplied with aerodynamic wind shields as standard. They consume minimal energy during the opening and closing cycle and have high resistance to weather and are therefore suited for use on exposed and high wind areas. They provide good security, are impact resistant and do not create a fall hazard when open.

Specific Features
  • Certified to BS EN12101-2
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and options from 966 x 500mm to 3826 x 2400mm
  • Impact-resistant to EN 1873 1200 Joules
  • Available with solid insulated aluminium blades
  • Opening to 90° within 60 seconds
  • Consume minimal energy during operation
  • High resistance to weather and wind load
  • When open they are not a fall hazard
  • Actuator contains open/close end switches
  • 1A 24V DC actuator (larger sizes have tandem actuators)
Thermal Transmission

See U-Value Performance data sheet here.

Uninsulated base units are not compatible with projects needing to meet Approved Document L2 Table 4.1.

Insulated base units conform to Approved Document L2 Table 4.1, providing a U-Value <3.0W/(m²·K).

Technical Data

Water tightness to EN 1873: Pass

Impact resistance to ACRM: Class B

Voltage: 24V DC

Current (with load): 1A or 2A (depending on size)

Opening Angle: 90°

Ambient Operating Temperature: -25°C / +70°C

Speed: 3.4mm/sec

Protection Degree: IP40

Force: 900N

Certification EN12101-2

Downward Load: 250N

Upward Load: 1500N

Resistance to Heat: B 300

Low Ambient Temperature: -25°C

Reliability: 1000

Certification ACR(M) 2011

Impact Resistance: Class B

Certification BS 476 : Part 3

Fire Rating: AA

Certification EN 1873:2005

Water Tightness: Pass

Product Video
Sertus Roof Louvre Blade - Residential (RLB-R) - Product Video
1.5 mins
For all information regarding this product please download its datasheet.

Installation Instructions

How to install the RLB-R, by the people who make it
Form builder's curb
Mount vent to curb
Complete connections
Get the installation guide.
Suited to natural systems
The RLB-R is usually found in natural systems at the head of shaft.
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