The brand new Sertus Roof Single Leaf Smoke Vent

By Sam Gocher
Wednesday 21st February, 20244 minute to read

Hello and welcome to another blog from Sertus. In this post, we'll tell you all about the new Sertus RSL, and why it's a top choice for your project.

You may be familiar with the RSL-R, which has been on the market for many years now and will stay on the market, remaining a top of the range smoke vent. And as time moves on, legislation begins to move with it. So now, it’s time to introduce you to this revolutionary, future-proof product, which is constructed from metal, rockwool & glass.

It’s no secret that in Scotland, thermoplastics can’t be used over protected stairwells, and with the same rules thought to be coming to the rest of the UK soon, this is one of the main reasons Sertus have decided to prioritise the design & manufacture of the new RSL range. So, let’s get into the main features of the product.

With increasing focus in the industry on fire ratings, especially linings around reveals, which now fall under the heading of walls - this means that materials now need to be non-combustible at least to Class B. Approved Document B of the Building Regulations sets out the fire safety rules for buildings, which can be met by achieving specific European Class reaction to fire ratings, to the relevant standard, which is BS EN 12501-1. Put simply, this means that PVC & plastic roof lights are beginning to become more challenged in recent projects. And Approved Document B for Scotland states that overhead glazing in protected stairways should not be plastic due to the risk of molten droplets in a fire situation. With the expectation that the rest of the UK is going to follow suit soon, we thought it important to get ahead of the curve with this new product. It’s also important to note once again that the original RSL-R range remains fully compliant and is an extremely strong solution, along with complete thermal efficiency for your current and future projects.

To get into some of the main features - the upstand is manufactured from aluminum, with a fire rating of A1 and is therefore officially non-combustible. The product’s insulation comes from Rockwool and, like the upstand, is also non-combustible. The upstand is also thermally broken, which reduces the risk of condensation in more extreme weather conditions. If it suits you, polycarbonate glazing is also available, along with fall arrest grids for added safety. The product is painted white internally as standard, and any standard RAL colour is available on request. The product also comes in a large size range to meet the bespoke needs of your project. And to top it all off, you can get your hands on the RSL extremely quickly, with it being available from stock in aluminum and glass!

It's not just aluminum the RSL is available in, and it’s important to note that one of the main innovations of the RSL is the potential to order it in glass, which is an extremely inviting aesthetic.

To summarise - as legislation begins to focus more on fire safety, this entirely non-combustible product is the top solution for your roof vent needs. And with ease of compliance sign off, short lead times & special lifting hooks for ease of site handling, there’s every reason to secure this reliable, modern & legislation-secured product for your projects. If you have any questions about your future roof vent, please get in touch. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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