The future of smoke extract is here...

By Sam Gocher
Thursday 24th November, 20225 minute to read

This is the future of smoke extract. Read on to find out more about the Sertus Pod Range! If you have any questions on the below, please do Contact Us.

Application & Considerations:

The Sertus Mechanical Pods come in a variety of forms, be it the Micro, Mini, Original or Max, and they sit on a roof to safely suck smoke up and out of a smoke shaft. We’re going to run you through some of our contracting customer’s favourite Pod features later on in this blog, but if you're already wanting to take a look at the separate types of Pod, please click here.

Where to start… The Pods are designed for speedy installation, which saves time and labour on site. This means you won’t have to worry about spending too much time working at height installing the product, especially in rough weather conditions.

They’re also available in horizontal and vertical applications in order to fit into pretty much any project! The fact they come in vertical form helps save on the amount of ductwork which is needed when connecting to the smoke shaft and frees up valuable roof space for other needs. Not just that, but vertical applications are also beneficial as we can make you a bespoke docking station to mount on top of the smoke shaft. All units are pre-assembled modular units which are tested and commissioned before dispatch, so you don’t have to worry about any faults or missing mounts and components on arrival.

We know it’s important for customers to have an experience bespoke to their project, so we’ve thought about this when it comes to our Pods. Therefore, while we have a strong range, we also alter to suit your project specification and go-to solution. Further to this, the product comes with the option for a built-in ATS, or Automatic Transfer Switch, to suit your site application. Of course, you don’t need to pick this option if it isn’t necessary to you specifically.

As standard, our Pods also come fully assembled with a fan control panel mounted to the unit, reducing the need for multiple purchase orders, supplier liaison and coordination on site. Further to this we can also incorporate your own control panel into our design, resulting in the perfect combo for your version of the Pod.

If you’re worried about any potential damage to your roof during installation then you really don’t need to have any fear, as our Pods come equipped with large circular mounting feet to mitigate damage to the roof finish.

And to round off the application and considerations, our Pod control panels are compatible with any control system, so a huge amount of versatility there.

Specification & Performance:

No matter the layout of the roof on your project, it’s worth chatting to us as our Pod heights are adjustable to suit falls, levels and gradients! While we’re on the topic, if you’d like to learn anything more after this post, please do feel free to give our friendly team a call. Here’s a link to our Contact Us page for if you’d like any queries answered. Or, if you’d rather, check out the live chat function!

Our contractor customers crave and deserve a bespoke experience, therefore our Pods come with a wide range of flow rates and are also available in three versions of attenuation – no attenuation, primary attenuation, and primary and secondary attenuation, in order to reduce noise levels.

To continue our bespoke offerings to you, our Pods are available in extract, push/pull and truly reversible formats, and have a standard range available from 2.1 to 8 metres cubed per second.

Stepping slightly away from the more technical elements of our Pods, they’re also equipped with a couple of exciting additions to make the overall experience of having the product that little bit better. One of these is that the fans on the Pod are connected to anti-vibration mounts, resulting in the device, which holds so much power, not creating any more noise than necessary.

The second of these points is that the Pods come with a backdraft damper. The reason for this is to prevent intrusion, not just from weather, but also from animals. Additionally to this, we have our bird beak option, supporting natural inlet and push/pull options for two shaft systems.

Service Notes:

To find the extra data you need for our mechanical Pod range, just visit Products & Services, click on the Pod range, scroll down to whichever Pod takes your fancy, scroll down to the downloads section, where you can find the technical data sheet and warranty information. Not just that but in the same place you’ll also find our Pod comparison table and tech specs, depending on which Pod you’ve clicked on.

Our Pods come in one single delivery with pre-installed lifting eyes and/or fork pockets for a single crane lift, along with forklift offloading and distribution. We’re always at the other end of the phone if you do ever need that extra bit of support.

The flow rates can be calculated to suit the static pressure you require, and an in-depth testing regime comprising of 50 physical checks, including duty and standby fans, along with primary and secondary power supplies has been carried out for your peace of mind.

If you need help with this or any of our other products, please do Contact Us.

The future of smoke extract is here...

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