The Sertus Pod™ Range

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Sertus Pod™ Micro.

The smallest, simplest Pod we make.

We’ve taken the bells and whistles off this chap; it may not be as good looking but it will still save lives.

We’ve kept all the safety-critical features and the most useful features like adjustable feet, lifting eyes and Variable Speed Drives (VSDs).

To keep costs down, we’ve not included an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). We’ve also removed all attenuation.

Instead of a backdraft damper, we’ve used a rain shield as a cost-effective method of preventing driving rain from entering the building.

Details, downloads, and comparisons.

High-level technical data, Pod-by-Pod comparisons and detailed downloads.

Tech Specs
A table of the most useful data. More detail is available on the Technical Data Sheet under the Downloads tab.
Product CodeMax Extract Rate (m3/sec)Weight (kg)
71.21 RMP-R Micro2.10236
71.25 RMP-R Micro2.55259
71.31 RMP-R Micro3.10257
71.40 RMP-R Micro4.00329
71.60 RMP-R Micro6.00345
71.77 RMP-R Micro7.77379
71.80 RMP-R Micro8.00379

Pod™ Type

Sertus Pod Micro

Sertus Pod Micro

Sertus Pod Mini

Sertus Pod Mini

Sertus Pod Original

Sertus Pod Original

Sertus Pod Max

Sertus Pod Max

Duty Fan

Extreme Weather Protection

Lifting Eyes

Variable Speed Drive (VSD)

Adjustable Feet

Standby Fan

Internal ATS

Backdraft Damper

Protective Enclosure

Primary Attenuation

Secondary Attenuation

Powered Louvre

Protective Enclosure

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