Roof Single Leaf - Residential (RSL-R)

Product features and details.
Product Overview

Roof Single Leaf – Residential (RSL-R) units are principally designed for smoke and heat ventilation in protected stairwells and corridors within residential apartments, hotels, shops, and offices. Roof Single Leaf – Residential (RSL-R) are available as square, rectangular or circular.

They may be glazed in polycarbonate rooflight in single, double, triple or quad skin or with aluminium insulated solid cover. The polycarbonate rooflights are available as clear, opal or heat reflect. The aluminium insulated covers are available as mill finish or powder coated to any RAL colour.

The electric actuator is 24 volt DC and opens the units to 160° within 60 seconds. A wide range of upstands are available to accommodate roof insulation or an adaptor may be installed to builder’s upstands. Roof Single Leaf – Residential (RSL-R) may also be used for roof access and to provide natural ventilation.

Specific Features
  • Fully certified to BS EN12101-2
  • Compliant with Building Regulations Approved Document B and L
  • Opens to 160 degrees within 60 seconds
  • May incorporate roof access
  • Provides natural comfort ventilation–EN 1873 Class B
  • Available as square, rectangular or circular
  • May be glazed or solid insulated lid
  • Available with PVC upstand or direct to builder's upstand
Thermal transmission

Double Glazed: 2.68

Triple Glazed: 1.78

Quadruple Glazed: 1.37

Solid aluminium insulated cover 32mm: 0.80

Solid aluminium insulated cover 64mm: 0.48

Performance of glazing materials

Fire Ratings to BS 476: Part 3: AA

To BS 476: Part 7: Class 1

To 1991 Building Regulations: Tp(a)

Service Temperature: -50°C – +120°C

Certification detail

– Polycarbonate rooflights BBA Certificate no. 00/4691

– Manufactured in accordance with EN101-2 Factory Production Control (FPC)

– Weather tightness to EN1873 Pass.

– Impact resistant to EN1873 1200 joules and ACRM Class B

– Resistance to Heat B300 EN12101-2 Annex G

– Snow Load SL500-1000 EN12101-2 Annex D-E

– Wind Load WL500-1500 EN12101-2 Annex F

– Low Ambient Temperature T (-15) EN12101-2 Annex D-E

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What is Natural Smoke Ventilation?
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Installation Instructions

Form Upstand
Mount Vent
Complete Connections
Get the installation guide.
Suited to all types of systems
The RSL-R is used in both mechanical and natural systems, usually as the head of stair vent.
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