Corporate Social Responsibility

We are not just a construction company. We are a business that is committed to building better, stronger, safer and more sustainable communities.

As part of our goal to create safer, happier communities, we support a range of charities and fundraising organisations.
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We're all about preserving life, and we realise that you can't save it in one place and neglect it in another. We're committed to sustainable growth and care of our planet.
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No person should ever be subject to the despicable practice of slavery. We take our supply chain very seriously and regularly audit to ensure modern slavery is precluded.
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Under no circumstances is the giving, offering, receiving or soliciting of a bribe acceptable and we will not tolerate this in any form.
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Health and Safety
We protect life in our buildings and protect life when we're building. All of our staff undergo regular health and safety training and are qualified for their roles.
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Data Protection
We're committed to keeping your data safe. Our staff have undergone GDPR training and work in line with ICO best practice.
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