Whilst our quality of work speaks for itself, if you’ve never met us before, you may be interested to find out who else thinks we’re up to scratch, too.

We’re IFC SDI 19 accredited.

The IFC SDI 19 certification was created to raise standards across the fire safety industry, and to ensure a suitable level of competency is a upheld.

Contractors certified under the scheme will be experienced in fire strategy, system design, installation and commissioning of smoke control systems in accordance with the below industry guidance documents and standards:

Approved Document B, Approved Document B NI, Technical Handbook, BS9999, BS9991, BS7346 Parts 4,5,7 & 8, BS8519, BS8524, EN12101:6, Technical Reports 12101-4&5, SCA Guidance Documents.

Process-driven production.

Every step of our production process is detailed and followed in line with our EN 12101 Certificate of Constancy and our ISO 9001 accreditation.

In our factory, we leave nothing to chance. We have a non-conformance policy that is rigorously adhered to ensuring defects are caught at source, instead of causing delays on site or hazard in use.

We use FORS accredited transport.

We’re in the business of life-safety, and that doesn’t just stop at smoke ventilation systems.

Wherever possible, we use FORS accredited transport, so that we're playing our part improving road safety. The accreditation also ensures commitment to environmental protection.

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