Façade Louvre Blade – Residential Glass (FLB-RG)

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Product features and details.
Façade Louvre Blade (FLB-RG) Description

Mounted in façades and end of corridors, Façade Louvre Blade – Residential Glass (FLB-RG) smoke vents exhaust smoke and heat from a building allowing escape routes to be kept clear of smoke and are fully certified to BS EN12101-2. They may also offer inlet air and comfort ventilation. They are available in a wide range of louvre glazing options and control systems and are particularly suited to apartment and commercial buildings. They are fitted with an anti-trapping actuator providing protection from injury and offer a high resistance to weather and are therefore suited for use on exposed and high wind areas. They provide good security and do not create a fall hazard when open.

The FLB-RG louvre incorporates a thermally broken aluminium framework. The frame sections are 40mm wide and 77mm deep, with mitre joints and are manufactured from thermally broken aluminium. All aluminium is polyester powder coated to a standard RAL colour. Glazing options include a 30mm thick toughened inner/ laminated outer double glazed blades with argon filled cavity and warm edge spacer; or triple glazed for increased U-value.

Alternatively they are available as solid insulated blades which may be mill finish aluminium or powder coated to any RAL colour. They are installed vertically and available with a wide range of adaptors for installation into refurbishment situations as well as new build.

The actuators are 24V DC, 1.2 Amps and mounted on the internal top right hand and have a traction force of 1400N and with an IP20 protection rating. They are supplied as standard with built in anti-trapping feature for protection against injury. They consume minimal energy during opening and closing.

Specific Features
  • Fully certified to BS EN12101-2
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and blade options
  • Opens to 85° within 60 seconds
  • Consumes minimal energy during operation
  • High resistance to weather and wind load
  • When open is not a fall hazard
  • Sound reduction with acoustic insulation up to 48dB RW
  • Impact resistant to DIN 18032-3
  • Barrier load tested to BS 6180:2011
  • Anti-Trapping actuator provides protection from injury
Optional Features
  • Vertical frame connection detail for continuous vertical louvres for high atriums or feature glazing
  • A wide range of glass to achieve specific Light Transmission (LT) and Solar Gain (g-value)
  • A range of aluminium cills are available to enable units to be installed in masonry facade and maintain weathering detail
Thermal Transmission

The values are calculated centre pane U-values unless denoted otherwise. However, complete unit U-values are available on request.

Double Glazed: 1.10

Triple Glazed: 0.95

Solid Blade: 1.20

Sound Reduction

These values are based on weighted apparent sound reduction index – RW

Double Glazed: 39

Triple Glazed: 41

Solid Blade: 33

Special Acoustic Blade: 48

Technical Data

Impact-resistant to DIN 18032-3: Pass

Barrier load to BS 6180:2011: 1.5kN

Security performance to EN1627: RC2

Air permeability to EN12207 (50 Pa): Class 4

Water tightness to EN12208 (200 Pa): Class 3

Actuator voltage: 24V DC

Actuator current (with load): 1.2 Amps

Opening Time: <60 seconds

Certification Data

Aerodynamic Area: 0.57

Reliability: R1000

Product Life Comfort Cycles: 10,000

Snow Load: SL0

Wind Load: WL3000

Low Ambient Temperature: T(-05)

Resistance to Heat: B300

Size Guide
Virtually any size can be manufactured within the parameters below. For larger spans, there is a centre mullion design.
Min. width (mm)Max. width (mm)Min. height (mm)
Need façade ventilation? Look no further!
2.5 mins
Hang it in the Louvre! The Façade Louvre Blade
2.5 mins
For all information regarding this product please download its datasheet.

Installation Instructions

How to install the FLB-RG, by the people who make it.
Form Aperture
Mount Vent
Complete Connections
Get the installation guide.
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The FLB-R can be used in both natural and mechanical systems, take a look at some of our completed projects for inspiration.
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