Roof Access Hatch – Commercial (RAH-C)

Product features and details.
Roof Access Hatch (RAH-C) Description

The Sertus Roof Access Hatch – Commercial (RAH-C) range provides access to and from roof areas and is particularly suited to industrial properties. They may form part of a fire escape route, be used for accessing roof mounted plant or equipment and for other maintenance tasks. 

It is available in 65 sizes, with special sizes available to order; up to a maximum size of 1500mm x 1500mm. The Ladderway access hatch provides access for vertical ladders, with the larger Ladderway sizes available to facilitate the easy movement of equipment into and out of a building. 

It is supplied with a solid insulated cover, available in mill finish aluminium or coated to any standard RAL colour. It is available with aluminium upstands 230mm high, and finished white polyester powder coated internally as standard. 

The RAH-C is insulated externally with rockwool insulation giving exceptionally robust and thermally efficient performance. It is also available with an adaptor base to install directly to the top of a builder’s upstand curb. 

Specific Features
  • Highly insulated upstand 0.36 W/m².K 
  • Impact resistant to EN1873 – 1200 Joules 
  • Available in 65 sizes 
  • Solid insulated cover 
  • Locking or non-locking from inside and outside 
  • Open hold and release strut
Thermal transmission

Solid Insulated Cover Rockwool: 1.40

Upstand Aluminium: 0.36


Impact Resistance – soft body: 1200 Joules

Impact Resistance – soft body: Class B

Sound Resistance: 28 dB

Upward Load: 1500 N

Downward Load: 1000 N

Water Tightness: Pass

Air Permeability: Pass

Size Guide
TypeRoof/Access Opening Size – W x L (mm)Hinge Side
RAH-C.60.60600 x 600
RAH-C.70.70700 x 700
RAH-C.75.75750 x 750
RAH-C.80.80800 x 800
RAH-C.90.90900 x 900
RAH-C.100.1001000 x 1000
RAH-C.110.1101100 x 1100
RAH-C.120.1201200 x 1200
RAH-C.130.1301300 x 1300
RAH-C.140.1401400 x 1400
RAH-C.150.1501500 x 1500
RAH-C.60.140600 x 1400Long
RAH-C.60.150600 x 1500Long
RAH-C.70.60700 x 600Short
RAH-C.70.140700 x 1400Long
RAH-C.70.150700 x 1500Long
RAH-C.75.60750 x 600Short
RAH-C.75.70750 x 700Short
RAH-C.75.140750 x 1400Long
RAH-C.75.150750 x 1500Long
RAH-C.80.60800 x 600Short
RAH-C.80.70800 x 700Short
RAH-C.80.75800 x 750Short
RAH-C.80.140800 x 1400Long
RAH-C.80.150800 x 1500Long
RAH-C.90.60900 x 600Short
RAH-C.90.70900 x 700Short
RAH-C.90.75900 x 750Short
RAH-C.90.80900 x 800Short
RAH-C.90.140900 x 1400Long
RAH-C.90.150900 x 1500Long
RAH-C.100.601000 x 600Short
RAH-C.100.701000 x 700Short
RAH-C.100.751000 x 750Short
RAH-C.100.801000 x 800Short
RAH-C.100.901000 x 900Short
RAH-C.100.1401000 x 1400Long
RAH-C.100.1501000 x 1500Long
RAH-C.110.601100 x 600Short
RAH-C.110.701100 x 700Short
RAH-C.110.751100 x 750Short
RAH-C.110.801100 x 800Short
RAH-C.110.901100 x 900Short
RAH-C.110.1001100 x 1000Short
RAH-C.110.1401100 x 1400Long
RAH-C.110.1501100 x 1500Long
RAH-C.120.601200 x 600Short
RAH-C.120.701200 x 700Short
RAH-C.120.751200 x 750Short
RAH-C.120.801200 x 800Short
RAH-C.120.901200 x 900Short
RAH-C.120.1001200 x 1000Short
RAH-C.120.1101200 x 1100Short
RAH-C.120.1401200 x 1400Long
RAH-C.120.1501200 x 1500Long
RAH-C.130.601300 x 600Short
RAH-C.130.701300 x 700Short
RAH-C.130.751300 x 750Short
RAH-C.130.801300 x 800Short
RAH-C.130.901300 x 900Short
RAH-C.130.1001300 x 1000Short
RAH-C.130.1101300 x 1100Short
RAH-C.130.1201300 x 1200Short
RAH-C.130.1401300 x 1400Long
RAH-C.130.1501300 x 1500Long
Product Video
Roof Access Hatch - Commercial (RAH-C) - Product Video
5 mins
How to install an access hatch
3 mins
For all information regarding this product please download its datasheet.

Installation Instructions

How to install the RAH-C, by the people who make it.
Form Upstand
Mount Vent
Complete Connections
Get the installation guide.
Access, everywhere.
Roof access hatches are used on all types of buildings see some of our examples below:
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