Roof Ventilation Collar - Residential (RVC-R)

Product features and details.
Roof Ventilation Collar Description

Roof Vent Collar – Residential (RVC-R) is an environmental ventilation collar designed to be installed below any smoke and heat ventilation unit. It enables the environmental ventilation to continue to operate in any weather.

It comprises of an aluminium upstand which may be insulated or uninsulated and two side flaps which drive open and closed by a single 24V DC actuator.

The flaps are centre pivot with brush seals and are protected by a weather cowl which enables environmental ventilation with no rain ingress in virtually any weather.

The base flange is available with a drip edge detail to install to a builders upstand or to fit a profile roof or patent glazed system.

The unit is available in four heights and is supplied as mill finish aluminium as standard or may be polyester powder coated internally or externally to any RAL colour.

Main Features
  • May be installed under virtually any type of smoke and heat ventilation unit.
  • Ventilation flaps can be open in virtually any weather.
  • RVC-R are available with uninsulated or insulated upstands.
  • Operated by 24V DC actuators which can be controlled to open on environment ventilation and close on fire signal
  • Wide range of sizes and heights available giving a choice of ventilation areas.
  • Available in mill finish aluminium or polyester powder coated to any RAL colour
  • Base flange is supplied to install to builders upstand or into profile roofs or patent glazed systems.
Size Guide
ModelWidth (mm)Length (mm)
RVC-R 46.110.11011001100
RVC-R 56.110.11011001100
RVC-R 77.110.11011001100
RVC-R 85.110.11011001100
RVC-R 46.110.22011002200
RVC-R 56.110.22011002200
RVC-R 77.110.22011002200
RVC-R 85.110.22011002200
Two Minute Tuesday
Combining Smoke & Environmental
3.43 mins
For all information regarding this product please download its datasheet.
How to install the RVC-R, by the people who make it:
Form Upstand
Mount Vent
Complete Connections
Get the installation guide.
Used for combining smoke and environmental ventilation.
A clever system that allows environmental ventilation to continue operating in any weather.
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