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There are some questions we get asked a lot; to make your life easier, we’ve answered some of them below:
Can I use site-installed actuators on facade ventilation?

To be compliant all facade AOVs must be tested and certified to EN 12101-2. Site installed actuators are not certified to BS EN 12101-2 and therefore should not be used.

What’s the maximum height for facade ventilation?

Facade ventilation can't be used for fire-fighting shafts over 30m high. (Fire-fighting shafts must be provided in buildings more than 18m high.)

What's the longest corridor length for a natural system?

In natural systems, corridors can't be greater than 7.5m (one route of escape) or 30m (two routes of escape). When the apartments are sprinklered, this changes to 15m (one route of escape) and 60m (two routes of escape).

How big does a natural shaft have to be?

A natural shaft must have a minimum cross-sectional area of 1.5m2 (minimum dimension 0.85m in any direction). Further information regarding this can be found on Approved Document B Volume 1 (2019) 3.51.a.i

Your Natural Smoke Vents are tested to BS EN 12101-2:2003 why not BS EN 12101-2:2017?

BS EN 12101-2:2003 is the standard that our Roof Single Leaf - Residential (RSL-R) is tested to. This is the correct standard that it should be tested to. There is a 2017 version of BS EN 12101-2 however, this is not cited in OJEU (Official Journal of the European Union) and this essentially means that it is not in legislation and therefore it cannot be tested against.

Can I use standard riser doors in the shaft?

To be used as a shaft AOV the vent must be tested and certified to BS EN 12101-2. Generally, standard riser doors are not tested to this standard and therefore they should not be used in a natural ventilation system.

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