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Sertus Pod Original Description

The Sertus Pod Original is a modular smoke extraction pod providing a prefabricated, pre-commissioned solution for high-rise apartment buildings. It is available in a range of sizes giving guaranteed extract rates and static pressures with short lead times. It is particularly suitable for mechanical smoke ventilation systems in high rise apartments and is supplied within a powder coated panel enclosure giving a neat appearance. In addition the Sertus Pod Original may be programmed to provide environmental ventilation as an effective means of providing cooling deep within the building.

It is prefabricated, pre-wired, and pre-commissioned and certified to BS EN 12101-3:2015, covering all critical elements of the product.

It is supplied assembled with adjustable mounting feet, primary attenuator, duty and standby fans, anti-vibration mounts and back draft damper.

Main Features
  • Tested and certified to BS EN 12101-3:2015 Fan Assemblies
  • Independently tested and certified as a complete assembly
  • Available in a range of standard guaranteed extract rates for short delivery times
  • Prefabricated, pre-wired, pre-commissioned smoke extraction pod ready for a single lift to rooftop
  • Environmental extract to provide ventilation and cooling is available as an option
  • Compatible with any control panel system
  • Integral Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
Size Guide
ModelFan Diameters (mm)Net Weight (kg)
71.21 RMP-R Original710305
71.25 RMP-R Original710328
71.31 RMP-R Original710326
71.40 RMP-R Original710398
71.60 RMP-R Original710414
71.77 RMP-R Original710448
71.80 RMP-R Original710448
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For all information regarding this product please download its datasheet.

Installation instructions.

How to install the Pod Original, by the people who make it:
Lift to roof
Connect to ductwork
Complete connections
Get the installation guide.
Suitable for all types of mechanical system.
A modular, pre-wired, pre-commissioned smoke ventilation extract unit incorporating environmental solutions, suitable for all mechanical systems.
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