We manufacture smoke ventilation products.

From concept to production line, we’ve built the best range range of fully tested and certified smoke ventilation products.

We’ve been manufacturing for four decades.

(If we’re allowed to say it ourselves) when it comes to manufacturing, we know what we’re doing!

We first began manufacturing in our Cranleigh factory in 1980 and our Continuous Improvement Programme (CIP) has seen us expand to over 40,000ft2 of factory space.

You can rely on Sertus products.

Whilst our products speak for themselves, don't just take our word for it – we've got the paperwork to prove it, too.

ISO 9001

Our processes undergo

rigorous inspection.

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Scrutinised by third party inspection houses.

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Our products conform to all applicable standards - with the DoPs to prove it.

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Who makes the products?

Sertus products are made by an expert team in the UK, crafting cost-effective, compliant, good looking products. Most of our production staff have been with the Whitesales Group (our former parent company) for many years and have extensive experience in manufacturing quality product.

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Some of our products
Shaft Louvre Damper - Residential (SLD-R)
Façade Louvre Blade – Residential Glass (FLB-RG)
Roof Single Leaf - Residential (RSL-R)
Shaft Natural Damper - Residential (SND-R)
Roof Louvre Blade - Residential Glass (RLB-RG)
Roof Louvre Blade - Residential (RLB-R)
Sertus Pod Original
Where can I see your products?
We'd be delighted to show you our products in-situ, performing their part in life-safety systems across the UK. Have a look at our case studies and take your pick!
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